How to Set up and Use Fidelity Transfer Code for Different Transactions

How to Set up and Use Fidelity Transfer Code for Different Transactions

There has been series of developments in the banking sector which has made activities there less tasking than it was in the past. Now customers can carry out banking activities at their convenience irrespective of place or time without necessarily visiting the bank or cash point.

Fidelity Bank in trying to make transactions easier, better and quicker for her customers has developed a transfer code.

This transfer code is to help customers carry out transactions using mobiles phones whether they have data in their phones or not. *770# is the transfer code.

fidelity bank online money transfer have made easy for customers to bank from the comfort of their house  with the use of short code. And this system is called  fidelity instant banking.

Fidelity Transfer Code

How To Use Fidelity Bank Transfer Code  

There are so much that customers can do with their account and from their accounts using this code without necessarily being in the banking hall or visiting a cash point. You can top up your airtime as well as that of friends and family members  banking with Fidelity and other banks .The code also enable you make payments  of PHCN, Cable TV bills etc.

Note should be taken that this transfer code can only work on the mobile number which the customer registered with the bank via which the bank notifies them of transactions. It does not matter the type of phone the customer uses or whether they have data or not you can bank at your convenience irrespective of time or location.

How To Transfer Money With The Transfer Code

The transfer code enable customers to transfer money from their accounts to either fidelity bank accounts or accounts of other banks. To transfer from a Fidelity bank account to accounts other than Fidelity, dail  *77*  account  number * amount #.  For  instance, to transfer  #300 to an Ecobank account number  0123456789, simply dial *770*0123456789*3000# from the mobile number actively linked to your Fidelity bank account. From the bank list displayed on the screen, select Ecobank.

After this selection, you will be a requested to cross-check the account number, then you will be asked to    confirm transaction using your pin.

On your first transaction, you will need to validate your account and select pin by putting Fidelity bank account number to proceed with transfer.

The account number of the, name and bank of the recipient will be displayed on your screen before you input the last four digits of your debit card. This enables you to be sure that you are sending money to the right account.

If you have two accounts with fidelity bank, let us say current and savings and the two accounts are linked to one phone number, your current account gets debited before your savings account.

On the completion of transaction, you will receive a notification indicating the debiting of your account and the success of your transaction.

To transfer to a fidelity bank account, simply dial *770# the select the bank and then transfer option .Follow the prompt and make the transfer.

Transaction Limit On The Platform

#10,000 is the maximum amount that can be transferred at a time while #20,000 is the maximum transfer for a day.

Other Transactions

For airtime recharge and bill payment follow the prompt after dialing *770#, follow through for the transaction of your choice until your pin has been confirmed.

For further enquiries concerning Fidelity bank  money transfer service  code, visit Fidelity bank official website at www.