How To Setup And Use Keystone Bank Transfer Code For Transaction On Your Phones

How To Setup And Use Keystone Bank Transfer Code For Transaction On Your Phones

For those keystone bank users looking for how to check account balance on keystone bank or searching for keystone bank airtime recharge code never warri we got you covered. Read carefully below on how to use it.

Heree on this page we have provided ussd code for keystone bank for keystone customerss. Keystone Bank, one of the rapidly growing new generation banks domiciled in Nigeria, in line with its mission to deliver consistent superior performance and be the preferred partner has recently launched its unique mobile transfer code.

The mobile transfer code is introduced to create a wonderful online mobile experience for customers. This new service has been designed to function on mobile devices even in the absence of data.

For Keystone bank account holders, the mobile transfer code is a swift way to transfer funds to other accounts registered with Keystone as well as other Banks in Nigeria using your mobile device. Other services including airtime recharge and utility bill payments like PHCN, DSTV bills can also be done using this unique mobile transfer code *322#.

Now ypou have the right to check balance on keystone bank from your phone.

Keystone Bank Transfer Code

How To Transfer Money With Keystone Bank Transfer Code

In order to be able to use this service either to transfer funds, pay bills or recharge airtime, a major requirement is to have an active account with keystone bank.

Then, using the mobile number registered with your account, dial the mobile transfer code *322# and follow the prompt to select the service you will like to utilize.

Once that is done, you will be requested to input your account number and the amount you will like to transfer. After which your PIN will be requested to confirm the transaction. The transaction is done instantly and you will receive a notification immediately.

The Keystone Bank transfer code also allows transfer of funds to non-Keystone account holders. Just by simply dialing *322*082# on your mobile device, follow the prompt and select the recipient bank as requested.

Airtime Recharge Code

With the introduction of the Keystone mobile transfer code, customers can be assured that the days of running around to get airtime voucher are over. By simply dialing *322# airtime can be topped within seconds at no extra charge.

The Keystone mobile transfer code also allows transfer of airtime to loved ones. Simply dial *322*082#, follow the prompt and enter the mobile number you would like to recharge. Simple and easy!

Features Of Keystone Bank Transfer Code

The Keystone mobile transfer code allows you to perform the following functions effortlessly;

  1. Account balance enquiry.
  2. Airtime recharge (Airtel, Glo, MTN, Etisalat etc.).
  3. Funds transfer to Keystone Bank account holders (intrabank) and to other Bank account holders (interbank).
  4. Utility Bill payments (DSTV, Startimes TV, etc.).
  5. Merchant payments (PHCN, Internet services, Arik, Aero & Dana airlines ticket booking, etc.).
  6. Request to change PIN
  7. Process is fast and convenient.
  8. Transactions are well secured and protected.
  9. Airtime recharge for loved ones.

If you experience any challenge while using the keystone bank mobile transfer code, please visit any keystone bank branch close to you. Alternatively, you can call the Contact Centre on 01 448 5742, 070 8060 5000 or send an email to