How to Start a Successful Advertising Company in Nigeria

How to Start a Successful Advertising Company in Nigeria

Hi are you looking for how to start an advertising company in nigeria or how to start billboard business in nigeria
the complete guidelines have been started below.

To start an advertising company everywhere in the world albeit, Nigeria, requires some modest form of investment and can be operated from anywhere – it could be from home; from an office or even the most unimaginable corner of a room or space. A basic factor which is capable of determining what amount of money one can make in the advertising business, is, deciding the type of advertising business one intends to do.

Start a Successful Advertising Company in Nigeria

Design traditional advertising businesses; television, radio, web and billboard adverts and be paid stipulated fees for offering such services. Core advertising ventures are designed with utmost aim to hinge on web advertising. Even though, they still create ad copies, they major in search engine optimization (SEO) alongside, keyword search techniques.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Start Advertising Company in Nigeria

  1. Definition of some sort remains a basic. You will have to make a thorough definition of the sort of advertising business you intend to operate as well as, be point blank on the various services which you have in mind to provide for clients.
  2. Registration just like all other business require, is also required in the advertising business. From the Federal Inland Revenue Services, get your company an income tax receipt as well as your Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN). There are no special kind of licenses required for the starting of advertising business in Nigeria.
  3. While a reliable high-speed internet connection will be an addition, space where one can work from is required. As earlier stated, it could be from home or office or anywhere at all. Alongside these should be, a computer, printer, fax, furniture depending on the size of the space and importantly, a commissioned phone number.
  4. There should be provision for a professional digital camera, photo scanner(s) with a graphic arts design programme such as Adobe Suite and others of same function.
  5. Provision, also should be made for basic office materials such as: stationery, business cards and other marketing print materials.
  6. Whatever be your budget, in today’s world especially where, too many businesses happen online, you make provision for having an online presence; you can then purchase a domain and hosting services to allow for your website publishing.
  7. Building client base is another key step in starting an advertising company in Nigeria. To start this, get a record book and make a list of businesses around your locality you think may need your services. A spreadsheet program is important as well as, necessary for a proper listing and marketing purposes.
  8. Understand that there are people who have been into this business before you. So, get a clue of prevalent cost of advert by making appeals for rate sheets from already operating advertising companies. You can equally go through newspapers, magazines, television stations and other advertising outlets to see what they’ve been doing and what they are doing at the present.
  9. Do a marketing campaign design that is convincing and realistic. Get them targeted at those companies which you had listed. To add, use of emails, phone calls, sms for such purposes will help you a lot.
  10. You have to get your name out there and beyond just the advertising thing. You deliberately, get involved with business networks, in and out of the advertising niche to achieve this.
  11. Brace yourself to offer unparalleled premium products and services. This brings the clients, to a point of reckoning with you as well as, speak in a favour from far and near.
  12. The client remains a key person in the cycle of business and so, top-notch customer relation must be employed. Things as banal as a smile, polite response and other things of such nature can be very valuable in the operation and sustenance of advertising business.
  13. After sales services; things such as returning phone calls after sales, is decent for an advertising business.
  14. Register yourself and business everywhere on social media. Today’s world can almost not happen should things like that be extricated. You will be on a pedestal of winning and growing business base in Nigeria, a country that boosts of over 65 million mobile data users.
  15. Your organisation, no matter how little or big it is, should be accepted by the host community. Some of the things that breed such acceptance is, getting your organisation involved in social responsibility – joining in community services; making provisions of some things needed in the community and what have you – as such will give you and your company a wide fame and a high prospect for job tender.
  16. Testimonials are good for business. Seek the consent of your clients and business associates who speak well of your services, to use their names on your website.
  17. Offer advert discounts and freebies if possible to attract customers and subsequently promote your business.
  18. Your products and services should be listed on yellow pages with fine and detailed description of what you do.
  19. To get a repeat of clients in the advertising niche, a sure way is to make sure that delivery be made on your consented timeline.
  20. If you must hire, make sure you go for the best hands for the job.