How To Use Nigerian Debit Cards On Google Play Store

How To Use Nigerian Debit Cards On Google Play Store

Some Nigerian banks no longer allow their debit cards to be use as a mode of payment on Google play store. This is as a result of dynamic currency conversion used by Google when charging Nigerians for the purchase and subscriptions of apps. Personally, I experienced this with my GTBank and Stanbic IBTC debit cards.

This problem was solved by changing the default address registered with Google Play to a US address. Once this is done, Google play would charge you in US dollars instead of Naira equivalents. The moment you are being charged in dollars, you will no longer experience the debit card blockage.

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I never wanted to change my address at first but when I read through Google’s support pages, I gained the courage to change my home address to a US address.

Simply login to Google Payments with your email address registered on Google play store. Then navigate through and click on settings from where you can edit your home address and phone number. After filling in the US address, simply save it and its done.

Please note that changing to US address may affect some features. You may need to read through Google’s policy on changing your home address.

Navigate to the left hand side of the web page and click on payment method. Ensure your card is showing blue meaning active. Do not alter your billing address on your debit or credit card. This could bring about issues with card verification.

The next thing I did may not be necessary, but I did it.

How To Use Nigerian Debit Cards On Google Play Store

Take your Android device, navigate to the settings, then click on apps followed by Google play store and then clear both the data and cache.

Open your Google Play store and endeavour to make payment. The price will be displayed in naira but at the conclusion of the payment, it will change to dollars.

So, that’s how I overcame the card blockage issue. My GTB Dollar MasterCard works fine now. And I don’t think I have any issue with my Stanbic IBTC Mastercard Naira, although I didn’t try it out because I don’t want high exchange rates. I am good with dollars for now.

I will like you to try this out and leave us a comment below if it works as explained.

UPDATE 7th September 2016:

There are people who still get this “incorrect card info or try a different card”¬†error message. A solution was discovered while solving for someone on twitter, kindly follow it through.

  1. On your laptop device, create a fresh Google account as a Nigerian.
  2. Then log into your new Google account.
  3. Next thing to do is to change your billing address to that of US or UK as discussed earlier.
  4. Next go to the Payment Method tab and enter your Naira or Dollar Mastercard details. Please input your Nigerian account used here and not the US or UK address here.
  5. Take your Android device and delete the Google account there.
  6. Add your new Google account on the Android device.
  7. Try making payment with the new account. Once it goes well, you may then add the one you deleted.