Review of Product and services of Dangote Group contact address

Dangote Group of companies is the African biggest and largest conglomerate. The company is Best known for Production and distribution of cement, Flour, Sugar and Transportation.

meanwhile the company is so big that it produces goods and services in most sectors of economy. Here are the complete list of Product and services of Dangote Group contact address


The factory started operation in 1999 inside Apapa port, with production lines to supply cement in 50 kg and 100 kg bags. Total yearly capacity is about 750,000 mt. The yearly turnover is N5 billion. According to the company, it is because of its involvement in the Cement business that made it to indicate interest in Benue Cement Company.

Dangote Group’s Operations in Cement Sector in Nigeria Include :

Dangote Cement PLC

Cement Manufacturing Plants

1: Lines 1 & 2, Obajana Cement Plant, Kogi State

2: Lines 1 & 2, Gboko Cement Plant, Benue State

3: Line 3, Obajana Cement Plant, Kogi State

4: Lines 1 & 2, Ibese Cement Plant, Ibese, Ogun State.

Dangote Group – Cement Terminals’ capacities includes:

Lagos Cement Terminals

Apapa CT, Lagos – 3.5 million tons / annum

Aliko Terminal, Lagos – 2.0 million tons / annum

Continental CT, Lagos – 1.0 million tons / annum

Port Harcourt Cement Terminals

Port-Harcourt CT – 2.0 million tons / annum

Onne CT, Port-Harcourt – 1.5 million tons / annum

Overseas Cement Terminal

Ghana CT – 2.0 million tons / annum

Dangote Group’s Pan-Africa Operations in Cement Sector Include:

Cement Manufacturing Plants

1: Sephaku Cement (Pty) Limited, Aganang, South Africa

2: Dangote Industries Senegal SA, Pout, Senegal

3: Dangote Industries (Zambia) Ltd., Zambia

4: Dangote Industries (Tanzania) Ltd., Tanzania

5: Dangote Industries (Ethiopia) Ltd., Muger, Ethiopia

6: Dangote Industries (Congo) Ltd., Republic of Congo

7: Dangote Industries (Gabon) Ltd., Gabon

Clinker Grinding & Packing Plants – Pan Africa

1: Dangote Industries (Cameroon) Ltd., Douala, Cameroon.

2: Sephaku Cement (Pty) Ltd., Delmas, South Africa

3: Dangote Industries (Ethiopia) Ltd., Menegesha, Ethiopia.

Bulk Cement – Import / Export Terminals – Nigeria

1: Apapa Cement Terminal, Lagos

2: Aliko Inland Cement Terminal, Lagos

3: Continental Cement Terminal, Lagos

4: Port Harcourt Cement Terminal, Port Harcourt

5: Onne Cement Terminal, Port Harcourt

Bulk Cement & Packing Terminals – Pan Africa

1: Greenview International Ltd., TEMA – Accra, Ghana

2: Greenview International Ltd., Takoradi, Ghana.

3: Dangote Industries (Liberia) Ltd., Monrovia, Liberia.

4: Dangote Industries (Sierra Leone) Ltd., Freetown, Sierra Leone.

5: Dangote Industries (Cote D’ Ivoire) Ltd., Abidjan, Cote D’ Ivoire.

Wheat Flour & Semolina

The factory has two flour mills with a daily production capacity of about 250 Mt. each, which is 500 Mt. per day. The total capacity is 180,000 Mt. per year. The plant is located inside Apapa port, Lagos. The design of the factory and machinery was supplied by Buhler, Switzerland, with a raw materials storage

capacity of 21,000 mt. The flour is offered to the market in 50 kg and 25 kg bags, or smaller packages. One of the production lines is designed to produce semolina, a raw material supplied to the pasta production or bread flour. Total investment is about $15 million as of 2002. The market is primarily Nigeria, with potentials to other West African countries. The yearly projected turnover is N6 billion.

Dangote Flour Mills Plc and the it’s address

1: Apapa Flour Mills

2: Kano Flour Mills

3: Calabar Flour Mills

4: Illorin Flour Mills

5: Ikorodu Flour Mills


This division produces spaghetti (supplied in 500 gram/cartons of 10kg) from quality hard wheat. The factory initially had one production line with capacity of about 2 million cartons per year.

The factory is located within the Lagos ports premises. It is designed to have room for two or three additional production lines. Total investment is about $7.5 million, while yearly turnover – N1.5 billion as of 2002.

Spaghetti & Macaroni Manufacturing

Location: Dangote Pasta Ltd., Ikorodu, Lagos

Packaging Materials Plant

Polypropylene Sacks Manufacturing & Distribution

1: Dangote Agro Sacks Limited

2: Bags for Food Products, Lagos

3: Bags for Cement in Lagos & Obajana


  • Sugarcane Farming & Sugar Milling
  • Savannah Sugar Company Ltd., Adamawa
  • Integrated Sugar Cane Farming
  • Sugar Milling

Sugar Refining

Dangote Sugar Refinery PLC, Lagos Apapa Port, Lagos

The sugar refinery plant with production capacity of about 700,000 mt of refined sugar per year. The design of the factory was done by Tate and Lyle, UK. The machinery and equipment were mostly supplied from Brazil, UK and Nigeria. The storage capacity for raw materials is about 40,000 mt. in a flat silo storage. The refinery generates a by-product called molasses, which is used for animal feeds. The investment is about $120 million (2002). The market area is West Africa, and projected turnover is N20 billion.

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The salt division consists of two factories. The first factory has been in operation since 1998, and is at Apapa Port, Lagos. It has four production lines, and a yearly capacity of about 400,000 mt. Storage capacity for raw materials is about 15,000 mt. in a flat silo storage. The second factory started operation in 1999, at Calabar port, Cross River state. The factory has two production lines, and a yearly capacity of about 200,000 mt. Storage capacity for raw materials is about 10,000 mt. in a flat silo storage. Total investment is about $4.5 million for the two factories.

Salt Refining & Packing – Industrial & Domestic

National Salt Company of Nigeria PLC., Lagos

1: Apapa Plant, Lagos

2: Oregun Plant, Lagos

3: Port Harcourt Plant, Port Harcourt


Re rolling of Billets

Integrated Steel Plc, at Oshogbo, Osun State

Production of MS and HT Ribbed bars from Billets


Manufacturing of Noodles

Dangote Noodles Ltd.

1: Ikorodu Plant

2: Kano Plant

3: Calabar Plant



Dancom Technologies Limited

Integrating Fibre Optic Cable Network across Nigeria

Port Operations

Green View Development Nigeria Ltd., Apapa, Lagos

Terminal Operations, Stevedoring, Bulk Cargo

Operations, Containerisation


Dantrans Limited

Over 6500 Trucks in operation with innovative Management

Real Estate

Property Investments & Management

Key Investments in High Value properties in Lagos

Management of Group Properties, Acquisitions, etc.

Food & Beverages

Group Associate Companies

Dansa Foods Limited

Fruit Juices : 6 Flavours; Pasturised Milk : 3 Variants;

Flavoured Milk : 4 Flavours; Yoghurt Drink : 4 Flavours;

Aerated Water : 3 Flavours; Table Water : 3 Variants

Dansa Food Processing Company Ltd.

– Processing of export quality Gum Arabic for various

food and non-food applications

Vegetable Oil Refinery

Refining of Imported Vegetable Oil

Bulk Import and Refining of Vegetable

Oil at Ibese in Ogun State

Petroleum Refinery Project

Dangote Petroleum Refinery Company

300,000 bpd Green Field Refinery to be

engineered at Lekki Free Zone in Nigeria.

Bankable feasibility study completed by Jacobs

Engineering of UK.

On-going Projects :

  • 2.5 million MT of Methanol
  • 900,000 MT of Polypropylene
  • 450,000 MT of Polopropylene
  • 125,000 MT of Butadeine.

Tomato Paste

Manufacturing of Tomato Paste

Integrated processing and manufacturing of Tomato Paste at Ibese in Ogun State.

Fertiliser Project

Dangote Fertiliser

Large Scale Green Field Ammonia / UreaFertiliser complex of 2 Million MT / PA in

Edo State.

Oil & Gas

Investment in Oil Fields

Dangote Equity Energy Resources – 9 % Investment in Block I in Joint Development Zone ( JDZ ) of Nigeria Sao-Tome along with Total and Addax.

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Dangote Cement PLC – Cement Manufacturing

Dangote Cement PLC operates Cement Plants for local manufacturing of cement and Cement Terminals for bagging of imported bulk cement. Striving for self-reliance. Dangote Group has made a strategic decision to establish cement-manufacturing plants in Nigeria.

Obajana Cement Plant ( OCP ) is a greenfield cement project commissioned at

Obajana in Kogi State with cement production capacity of 5 million tons / annum.

The plant is powered by a 135 MW gas-fired power plant and a natural gas pipeline.

It is one of the largest private sector investments in Nigeria outside the oil sector. Dangote has successfully revived the Gboko Cement Plant (GCP – formerly BCC) in Benue State with refurbished production facilities to manufacture 3 million tons/ annum of high quality cement.

The Group has also invested 64 % in Sephaku Cement in South Africa, which is the single largest FDI in South Africa. Dangote Group has 22 % investment in United Cement Company of Nigeria Ltd. (UNICEM) with clinker grinding capacity of 0.35 million tons / annum.

Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc, Apapa, Lagos

Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc ( DSR) commenced its operations in March 2000 as the sugar division of Dangote Industries Limited. The Group initially entered sugar business in 1978 through importation and trading of sugar and subsequently commenced sugar production in 2000 by commissioning a port-based sugar refinery at Apapa port in 2001. The sugar division was spun-off as Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc via a scheme of arrangement in January 2006 which transferred all the assets, liabilities and undertakings attributable to the sugar division of Dangote Industries Limited.

This modern refinery was designed and built by Tate & Lyle, UK with an initial production capacity of 600,000 MT/annum of raw sugar. This was increased to 1.44 million MT/ annum in 2004, making it the Second Largest Sugar Refinery in the World.

The company’s operations comprise two key business areas : refining of raw sugar imported from Brazil and marketing and distribution for direct consumption and industrial needs. Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc produces and packages Vitamin A fortified refined white sugar in 50kg bags for direct consumption under the brand name

‘’Dangote Sugar’’, as well as the unfortified white sugar for industrial uses.

In addition, DSR has finalized arrangement for the introduction of its retail packages.

The Dangote Sugar Vitamin A fortified refined sugar is now being packaged in 1 kg, 500 g and 250 g retail packages.

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Savannah Sugar Company Ltd., Numan, Adamawa

Sugarcane Milling

Savannah Sugar today epitomises Dangote Group’s thrust for self reliance in all sectors of its operations. The Group has substantially invested in re-starting the closed sugarcane farm and mill with state-of-the-art technology. Continuous efforts are on to improve the operational efficiency and also increase the plant capacity. The quality and efficiency of sugar production process is upgraded through improved milling technology. The Company has upgraded the mill to one of the most efficient and technologically advanced sugar mills in the world with a strict quality management system, ensuring high quality sugar output. With continuous crushing arrangements, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, during the crushing season at a rate of 1 million tonnes of cane per season, Savannah Sugar mills ensures optimum utilisation of harvesting, transport and milling capital.


Salt Refining, Packing and Distribution

NASCON – National Salt Company of Nigeria PLC is in the business of producing

Edible Salt and Refined Table Salt. The product is marketed under the brand name “Dangote Salt” which is produced from top quality refined solar crude salt imported mainly from Brazil.

Dangote Salt started production at the Apapa Plant in 1997 and has a capacity to produce 1,300 MT / day with 5 lines which is being upgraded to around 2,000 MT / day.

The Oregun Plant with an installed capacity of around 250 – 300 MT / day produces refined salt packed in retail packs of 1 Kg and above.

The products of the Company are :

■■ Fine edible salt in 25 Kg bags.

■■ Table Salt in packs of 250 g, 500 g & 1 Kg.

■■ Kitchen Salt in 25 Kg bags.

■■ Butter Salt in 25 Kg bags.

■■ Annapurna in 250 g; 500 g; and 1 Kg packs ( marketed by Unilever Nigeria )

■■ Industrial Salt.

The product has been awarded the Nigerian Industrial Standard ( NIS ) Award for quality by the Standards Organization of Nigeria ( SON ) and the International Award for Systems Quality ( ISO ) also by the SON. Dangote is certified as USI ( Universal Salt Iodization ) compliant.

Dangote Flour Mills Plc

Dangote Flour Mills Plc (DFM) commenced operations in 1999, as a division of Dangote Industries Limited (DIL). Following the strategic decision of DIL to unbundle its various operations, DFM was incorporated in 2006.

The Company today mills 7300 MT / day across its strategically located mills in Lagos, Kano, Illorin, Calabar and Ikorodu. In six years, the Company has grown to become one of the industry leaders from a modest beginning. It is the largest flour milling company in Africa and among the largest in the world.

The Company’s product portfolio comprises :

???? Bread Flour ???? Confectionery Flour ???? Pasta Semolina ???? Wheat Bran ????

All the Dangote Flour mills are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology by Buhler of Switzerland and the product is Vitamin A fortified. The company imports its principal raw material – Wheat (the Hard Red winter Wheat No.2 variety) from United States of America in shiploads. Wheat Tankers (also DIL owned) thereafter convey the wheat to the inland mills to Kano and Ilorin. The products are efficiently distributed across Nigeria with excellent distribution network and in-house haulage. Dangote Flour Mills Plc has three wholly owned subsidiaries. They are:

M Dangote Pasta Limited

M Dangote Agro Sacks Limited

M Dangote Noodles Limited

In line with Dangote Group’s business philosophy of establishing a dominant presence in any sector it operates in, these subsidiaries occupy leadership positions in their respective industries.

Dangote Pasta Limited

A Subsidiary of Dangote Flour Mills Plc

The Dangote Pasta plant located at the NPA terminal at Ikorodu in Lagos State,

commissioned in 2000, is equipped with world-class equipment from Buhler of

Switzerland to manufacture world-class Spaghetti and Macaroni. These products meet stringent national and international standards winning several Industry awards for product excellence. This is the largest Pasta Plant in Africa. The plant production capacities include :

Pasta Lines : 4 Variants – Standard, Slim, Cucchini & Gancillini

■■ Line 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 @ 2 Million Cases of 10 Kg Cartons / Annum – Each

■■ New Lines 7 & 8 @ 8.7 Million Cases of 10 Kg Cartons / Annum – Combined

Total Pasta Capacity – 18.7 Million Cases of 10 Kg Cartons / Annum

or 20,000 MT / Annum

Dangote Noodles Limited

A Subsidiary of Dangote Flour Mills Plc

Dangote Noodles has commenced large scale production of international quality noodles to cater to the fast changing consumer tastes. The Group backed by its in-house, high quality Flour & Semolina production; years of market leadership in Pasta & Macaroni; unparalleled commitment to induct state-of-the-art technology apart from extensive distribution network, is well placed to reach to every household in rural and urban Nigeria alike.

Dangote Noodles in line with consumer market requirements, launched Chicken, Chicken Onion and Chicken Peppee flavours in four variants :

■■ Instant Noodles – 70 g and 130 g pack sizes

■■ Snappy Pop ( Snack ) – 10 g pack sizes

■■ Cup Noodles ( Under development )

Dangote Noodles manufacturing plants are located in Ikorodu, Calabar and Kano with a combined production capacity of 990 Million Packets.

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Dangote Transport

Timely production and distribution is possible only with reliable transport and logistics services. Transportation plays a vital role in the supply of Raw Material to the factories and also distribution of goods from the various factories to ware houses and to the markets. To enhance to the Group’s supply chain and business logistics, Dangote Group has set up one of the most extensive transport and distribution networks in Nigeria consisting of five regional offices and a fleet of over 6,500 trailer trucks and bulk carriers with the ability to haul goods of about 40 tonnes to any part of Nigeria. The Dangote Transport provides logistic support to the entire Group and is responsible for the distribution of all Dangote products across Nigeria. The Division also owns a fully equipped workshop in Lagos, Kano, Calabar, Ilorin, Obajana and Gboko, for servicing and maintenance of its fleet.

Dangote Fleet are constantly monitored through centralised online control room using GPS tracking system, until the goods are delivered using Real-Time tracking. Back by in-depth knowledge of supply chain system and by using the latest operational research techniques, Dangote Transport is one of the most professionally managed logistics companies in Nigeria.

Property Division

The Dangote Group owns real estate assets in various states of

Nigeria including Abuja, Kano, Kogi, Ogun, Cross River, Benue,

Adamawa, Edo, Osun and Lagos. Leased assets include factories,

warehouses, mills and plants, offices and residential quarters at

various locations.

Dangote Fertilisers Limited

Dangote Group is set to build the largest Fertilizer Plant in Africa, which

shall rank amongst the second largest Fertiliser Plants at one location in the world.

The plant is designed in two-lines with production capacity of 2200 metric tons per day (MTPD) per line of Ammonia and 3850 MTPD per line of Granulated Urea. The two lines have a combined capacity of 4400 MTPD of Ammonia and 7700 MTPD of Granulated Urea.

The project has commenced with the signing of Early Works Agreement with SAIPEM, Italy – one of the top engineering companies in the World with high reputation in the erection of Fertiliser Plants globally.

The Fertiliser project is ideally located at Agenebode, Etsako East Local Government Area of Edo State, South West of Nigeria. The project expanse was facilitated by the availability of Natural gas from the Nigeria Gas Company (NGC) in 36” and 24” gas pipelines, abundant fresh water from River Niger and adequate skilled manpower – which are the vital requirements for operation and production of fertiliser.

Dansa Foods Limited

Dansa Foods Limited, a member of the Dangote Group, commenced operations in 2006 with trading, sales and distribution of general commodities. The company re-focused to provide better quality of life for Nigerians through nutritious and quality products like Juice, Nectar, Milk, Water and Dry Products – Milk Powder & Sugar, produced locally.

Within a short span, other products such as Dansa Fruit Nectars, Dansa Fruit Drinks, Ziza Flavoured Milk, Ziza Milk Powder, Mowa Table Water and Kally Sparkling Soft Drink were introduced into the Nigerian market.

The company’s state-of-the art facility factory at Dansa Drive, Abule Oshun, Lagos, Nigeria

is well equipped with latest Juice and Dairy product lines with sophisticated packaging equipment.

Its robust sales and distribution network ensures the products availability at every nook and cranny of Nigeria. Dansa boasts highly qualified and experienced team of dedicated food technologists, constantly striving to innovate various techniques and add value and nutrition to the company’s products.

Dansa Foods Processing Company Limited

Dansa Foods Processing Company Limited, an associate company of Dangote Group, produces export quality spray dried Gum Arabic Powder of various grades for direct use in various food and non-food applications.

The Company has deployed sound and reliable production process which is ably backed by its well-equipped high-tech laboratory to ensure quality in raw material, processes, skilled manpower and end product to meet ever growing global needs.

The Company is the first of its kind in Nigeria and sub-Saharan

Africa, employing good manufacturing practices and total quality

management principles.

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