Tips On How To Start A Podcast For Your Business In Nigeria

Tips On How To Start A Podcast For Your Business In Nigeria

Podcasts are increasingly becoming an essential aspect of the 21st-century business operation. If you don’t start a podcast for your business now, you run a risk of losing a good number of people that would have helped you become more successful in your business.

As we have stated before in our previous articles on podcasts, podcasts are part of content marketing and it has a lot of uses.

At this stage, we are no longer looking at the viability of starting a podcast. It is quite obvious because many of us listen to podcasts made by others.

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Given, podcast listening in Nigeria is not yet as high as it is in other western countries. For, example, in the United States, podcast listening went up to 23 percent in the US. That represents 57 million people that listen to podcasts.

The implication of the above figure is that more people listen to podcasts than actively use twitter. Someone must be saying now; “I will start a podcast for my business.” You should indeed start a podcast for your business.

We cannot get that figure in Nigeria today but we are getting there. You can start preparing yourself because the changes in this field are always dramatic.

It will also interest you to know that there is a good return on podcast creation. A study in the US shows that almost two-thirds of listeners are willing to consider products and services after listening to them on podcasts.

We have compiled five tips that will guide you if you want to start a podcast for your business.

Tips On How to Start A Podcast For Your Business In Nigeria

start a podcast for your business

  1. Consider Your Audience

The audience or your listeners have to be targeted when you want to start a podcast for your business. Your audience will determine the quality of your podcast.

If your business is purely a local business, you might as well as forget starting a podcast. You should also bear in mind that the majority of the people that listen to podcasts are between the ages of 18-54. You should bear that in mind.

  1. Get the basics in place

If you want to start a podcast for your business, you will need to get some basic requirements. A decent podcast will cost about $500 to set up. That will be about 150,000naira or more.

You will need to get a good set of microphones for each participant and you will also need software to record conversations. You can use apple Garagebands for in-person. Skype should be the standard because internet calls are clearer than the phone.

After that, you should hire a good producer to clean up audio. Get a hosting platform such as Libsyn or Podbean, which will, in turn, feed the podcasts to player apps such as iTunes, Stitcher, and Overcast.

  1. Choose a topic

    start a podcast for your business

When you want to start a podcast for your business, you will need a topic. It is advisable to pick a topic that is narrow and not too broad. This brings listenership. It is more attractive to your listeners.

Podcasts generally should be a source of information to your public or your audience. It is meant to serve them. But in serving them, they get to know about your business. It is obviously not a kind of infomercial for your business; at least not in a direct sense.

  1. Choose a host

You will need to pick a host. Here, we advise that you choose someone with enough gift of gab. The host has to be someone who has been around long enough to understand what is needed for success in the business.

Someone with more connections will always stand out as the better person. The connections give them relationships in the industry.

  1. Make it regular

You will need to keep your podcasts short and regular. Long podcasts bore the listeners and take their mind away from whatever you are saying.

So, keep it short, thirty minutes top, to avoid boredom setting in. Again, the regularity or frequency will help in keeping your listeners fresh on whatever you are saying. You are expected to do at least two episodes a month or you shouldn’t even bother starting.